Fendi opened an unforgettable "Fendi Caffé" in the Miami Design District to celebrate the their Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. Every aspect of the ordinary café experience was kissed with the legendary touch of Fendi for this iconic pop-up activation
Bombshell Productions brought the experience to life through full-spectrum fabrication, technical design, creative design, and graphics. The entire interior and exterior of Miami's OTL Restaurant was transformed into a vibrant disco era dream for the fashion house. 
Working as the Marketing Design Specialist at Bombshell, I documented every aspect of the project with photography and videography - from Bombshell's design and rendering rooms, to their fabrication shop, and the full Fendi café installation. I used this content to created cross-platform social media collateral. I created an award-winning project case study for Bombshell with marketing videos, photos, and extensive copywriting that was then submitted to award shows in the experiential marketing industry. Bombshell has already won three Experience Design & Technology Awards for their work on the 2022 Fendi Caffé.
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